Braganza International Consultancy Group


"Solving problems and uncovering opportunities for individuals and companies".


Profit Focused Management Consultancy 


Our unique approach to small business consultancy is far more practical and effective than traditional theoretical methods. We are 100% focused on making you money, getting you out of a financial crisis, relieving stress and making your vision a reality. B.I.C.G. specializes in profit generation for its clients, with particular expertise in turning around near-bankrupt and struggling companies.  

B.I.C.G. is one of the few management consultancy companies confident enough to guarantee the business owner a return on their investment, thereby eliminating any risk on your part. In fact, it is written into every contract that your business will see at least a 2:1 return on your investment within the year,  providing full assurance & peace of mind when engaging our services.


Unlike many consultancies, the business owner maintains control at all times and is shown exactly how their business will improve well in advance of  implementation. All B.I.C.G. consultants are specifically trained to teach at every level, from those with no previous business education to Ph.D´s.


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