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Background Information

Founded in 1989, by Nicholas C.J. Braganza [B.A. LL.B (Hons.) M.B.A. Barrister ( Eng. & Wales)], Canadian Media and Marketing Inc. developed from a newspaper and magazine publishing company, to a specialist small business management consultancy (SBC). .

Having attained Senior Project Management status from one of the top Management Consultancy firms in North America, Mr. Braganza has taken nearly 20 years of small business experience and re-molded it into simple, easy to understand management strategies and techniques. Each strategy is designed with the sole purpose of generating profit for the business owner quickly and efficiently, in virtually every type of business.

In 2009, the Braganza International Consultancy Group was formed to include C.M.M. Inc. and AgPSM Inc. and the various consulting divisions within each of these companies.




We get to the "grassroots" of the problem and truly understand your situation. B.I.C.G. consultants, are often retired business owners themselves and have many years of experience in your industry. Combined with the academic, practical and technological expertise necessary to solve the issue at hand.

You can take confidence in trusting our personable, experienced B.I.C.G. consultants to solve your company. Each consultant is assigned based on your specific industry and has successfully assisted similar businesses with similar difficulties. Would you like to know what 100´s of other business owners did in similar situations? The likely results of your intended actions? Have access to the latest techniques and relevant Marketing Strategies to increase your success? Then call us for a free no obligation appointment.

How Qualified is my Consultant?

Every B.I.C.G. Consultant has a minimum 15 years business experience AND has at least a Masters Business Degree (M.B.A.) from a distinguished & accredited university. Written references, proof of education and professional credentials are fully provided to each client, to give further assurance of your Consultant´s capabilities and experience.



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