The Braganza International Consultancy Group






We take an Analytical and Systematic approach to GUARANTEE  an increase on your bottom line in 2012. This is just a sample of what you we will do for your company:


  • SHARE our long term relationship marketing secrets with you to increase your sales immediately and in the future.
  • SHOW you SIMPLE, yet generally unknown ways to reduce both direct and indirect costs, including overhead expenses, on the very first day of engagement.                                                   
  • DESIGN a more efficient Billing and Collection system to increase profits. Our system can be implemented quickly and the results are IMMEDIATELY visible.
  • TRAINING your Sales Managers and staff in the most current marketing techniques and industry trends. Industry changes throughout the year, as do perceptions. Often we find companies using the same approach year after year. Let us show you new and proven ways to increase high performance sales.
  • REDUCE inventory expenses and improve controls over Works In Progress, with our MBA trained consultants specializing in Inventory Control.
  • INTRODUCE you to alternative financing methods to generate GREATER cash flow and get you over your FINANCIAL hurdles.
  • RE- NEGOTIATE bank facilities and supplier rates to reduce charges.                                                   
  • DEVELOP a 6-8 week cash flow forecast, so that you know exactly where your money is at any given time.
  • PREPARE a formal, bespoke and proven Business Plan, specifically geared towards getting you that bank loan, credit or other lending financing.
  • CALCULATE the Labour Burden and the Overhead Burden of employees and cost of sale, then show you precisely how both impact the profitability of your business.

We also have specislist consultants in MEDIATION, CAREER MANAGEMENT AND NEGOTIATION, to solve various Employee, Supplier and Client personality clashes, disagreements and conflicts,

The Braganza International Consultancy Group also has an excellent database of  all pertinent, yet often unknown, Canadian Small Business and Government Grants, which your company may be eligible to receive.

Give us a call on (647) 933 4266 or email us info@canmm.com and let us show you  how to increase your revenue and profitibility. 

You really have nothing to lose. All Work is 100% Guaranteed AND we offer a minimum 2:1 GUARANTEED RETURN ON INVESTMENT. This demonstrates our confidence in increasing your profitability over the next year as we continue to assist 1000´s of companies, all over Canada & the United States.  


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