Background on AgPSM Consulting (Agricultural Products & Services Marketing) 


AgPSM is the Agricultural Consultancy wing of the Braganza International Consultancy Group. Established in 2004, by a team of Senior Ag consultants, the company has a proven performance record of expert Ag consulting throughout North America  and over 77 years combined experience.

AgPSM´s benefit to you is the capability to combine your specific needs anywhere in the world with years of first hand agronomic know-how, agricultural information and state-of-the-art agricultural technology.

We have developed specifically tailored processes that combine the elements required for successful agribusiness development and operations. Depending on the scope of your project we have the expertise to provide you with total expert services coordination, from initial planning right through to market place.


Our Services include:


1. Expert Agronomic Support.

2. Agricultural Assessment & Project Planning.

3. Project Management.

4. Growing Assistance & Consulting.

5. Agricultural Training Programs & Seminars.

6. Growing and Livestock Assistance.

7. First Hand Contacts with Agricultural Suppliers & Producers.

8. Equipment/Systems Procurement.

9. Quotation Assessment.

10. Shipment and Delivery Logistic.

11. Contacts with Produce Packing & Market Distribution.

12. Professional Agricultural Tours.


Project Management:

According to your specific project we can send our specialist expert growers to farm locations all over the world to manage your agricultural enterprise. Our consultants maintain ongoing dynamics monitoring of each project to action and coordinate first hand responses to your projects´ development.


Specific Service Delivery:


We can provide you with all or any of the above services individually, depending on your specific needs.


Specifically Tailored Training and Information Farm Programs:


We developed a special model of Training and Information Farms (T.I.F) that are located at centers of rural areas. While cultivating their own farms, growers are trained in the Training Farm re modern growing methods and new agricultural technologies. Our Training Farm consultants also visit the growers at their own farms to comprehensively train them in their own farming environments and also to monitor their individual progress. We have developed this flexible training model to deliver training to farmers from all levels of agriculture. These programs are literally tailored to the specific capabilities of the farmers involved. 


Active Consultancy:


We are active with consulting operations in many countries. We have proven practical experience by successfully coordinating the most advanced technologies to interface between the consultant and the grower. We utilize sensors that broadcast their data to the consultant´s computer (data such as phytomonitoring sensors, weather sensors and ground humidity sensors). These technologies are combined with digital platform capabilities. Via this integrated platform we simultaneously deliver a "complete agronomic picture" to both the grower and consultant.


Complete Services:



AgPSM is assisting clients with Project Planning, Procurement, Farm Management and Consulting for agricultural projects worldwide. We also train local growers to adjust to up-to-date agricultural technologies, growing methods, harvesting, post harvesting and marketing.


Our Commitment to you:


In close collaboration with you and your personnel, our dedicated Team is committed to providing you with cost effective quality solutions to improve your agribusiness outcomes. Why not inquire as to how we can help you increase profitibility in your company, call us on (647) 933 4266 or email us at


AgPSM.....From Planning to Market Place

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