B.I.C.G. provides the highest level of expertise in 4 specific areas of the music entertainment world:


1. Introductions to Record Companies and Major Recording Labels

2. Fee Recovery for Non-Payment of Musical Services

3. Non-Disclosure Agreements (N.D.A.) and Copyright Protection Filing

4. Arranging Gigs at Bars and Venues throughout Ontario




1) Introductions to Record Companies and Major Recording Labels


For over 16 years, B.I.C.G.has represented clients in all genres of the Music Industry. With an enviable network of executive contacts and excellent industry relationships, B.I.C.G. is well placed to make the proper introductions on your behalf, to both major and independent record labels.


We believe that getting your music in front of the record executives is possibly the most important and most difficult part, of securing a recording contract- you simply have to get the right people to listen to your music and this means having your song(s) heard by the decision makers. 100´s of CD´s, demos, videos etc. arrive each week on the decision-makers´ desks and these albums and materials have been already short listed from 1000´s of  musician submissions by junior record executives.


If a record executive takes the personal or subjective view that your material is NOT "going to be a hit"   (it may be excellent music, by the way), then it´s NOT going to be heard by the decision maker.


Timing, Trends and Nepotism all play a big part. We see so many talented musicians out there that simply need a good image, a chance to be heard and advice on stage presence- B.I.C.G. advises on all these important aspects, with an end goal of clinching a great record deal.


***Remember, that all the recording companies want to do is make money- AND if you make that a very probable likelihood for them, then you increase your chances of getting a deal.

***Some have argued that the ability to sing or play an instrument may not actually be that important in today´s music scene- in fact, it might surprise you that some of the most popular musicians use voice machines and pre-recorded studio material. Therefore, getting heard becomes even more important and unless you are connected with the top music executives, or they take a personal interest via word of mouth, this is very unlikely to happen.


2) Fee Recovery for Non-Payment of Musical Services


B.I.C.G. staff have long been involved in all aspects of the music business and we see the real financial difficulties for bands and musicians hopeful of getting a recording contract.

One of the major problems that musicians face is getting stiffed for payment- sometimes it is very difficult to get payment for a night´s work, as unscrupulous bar owners and promoters know all the tricks in the book. B.I.C.G. is experienced and knowledgeable on how to counter this situation and will take all legal measures to get your payment due.

If you have been stiffed by a promoter, bar or nightclub we will take the necessary action to fight the matter in small claims court. B.I.C.G will include our fee in the costs of the process, so you incur no out of pocket expenses save for the nominal and fully recoverable fee required by the court for filing a claim. The limits for small claims court have recently increased from $10,000 to $25,000.


3) Non-Disclosure Agreements (N.D.A.) and Copyright Protection Filing


These are 2 ABSOLUTE MUSTS for any musician and yet so many musicians have neither. A common phenomenon is for musicians to copy what sounds good (in part or in whole) from other musicians and crediting the work as their own. A copyright will prevent this from happening to you without financial  re-imbursement.

Non- disclosure agreements should be sent BEFORE any songs, information or music is sent to interested parties. With an N.D.A., when your private and confidential information is blasted over the internet or made known around town, you have someone at whom to point the finger AND from whom you can seek compensation. We would strongly advise against using any free N.D.A.´s on the Internet as they often are incomplete, leaving loopholes and less than full protection. Also all N.D.A.´s should be written by a competent & experienced lawyer.

There are a great many benefits in getting a material copyright for the musician. While the process can be time consuming and complex, B.I.C.G. has a known reputation for low fees and for working with the musicians to finance the process. The reason being, that we see so many talented musicians feeling de-jected, angry and frustrated, when hearing their original music being credited to someone else.

B.I.C.G. aims to put a stop to this in a very professional manner and we cannot underestimate the importance of this to any musician. One hit song has tremendous financial benefits to the musician, both in the short term via high record sales and lucrative record deals + in the long term via promotions, popularity and royalties.

If you are interested in copyrighting some or all of your material, you should make an appointment to speak to one of our senior executives and bring your demo and materials for comment. It will give you an excellent understanding of what is involved in getting a recording contract and ease your fears and concerns.



4. Arranging Gigs at Bars and Venues throughout Ontario

With over 4000 bars,clubs and venues in our database, it has never been easier for B.I.C.G. to make arrangements for you to play to live audiences. Typically, clubs will ask for a particular genre of music, demo samples and then book through us. All payments are made in advance by the club owners and we charge only a modest fee for the service.

Kindly email us  info@canmm.com for an application form and return it ASAP. Then let us start booking your gigs on whichever nights you are available to play. Payments are made directly to us, well in advance of performance and you get paid directly by B.I.C.G.

Remember, we encourage you to play often, mostly for experience and exposure, but there is never any pressure. You can play as often or as infrequent as you like- many of our bands play every weeknight throughout Ontario ( a mini-tour). Or you can play once a month.

B.I.C.G. is very flexible and understands each client will have different schedules.

Enjoy the Gift of Playing Live!







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