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History of C.M.M. (Media Consulting)



Canadian Media & Marketing Inc. started as a media house in 1989, publishing 14 magazines and 2 newspapers. With over 23 years of media buying experience, we are well placed to serve all your media buying needs.


Media buying is a critical strategic element many smaller companies overlook. By engaging the services of a professional media buying agent, not only will you receive the best discounted price, you will reap the benefit of knowing what has worked for similar companies in the past and which advertising mediums will be most effective for your needs.

At C.M.M. we can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by negotiating the best rates possible. The effectiveness of the creative solutions we develop is enhanced by strategic media planning, media placement and media buying. Drawing on years of experience and deep industry contacts, we´re able to negotiate excellent rates for you and put your message in front of the right audience at the right time. This kind of commitment to account service maximizes your brand´s exposure and increases your return on investment.


Media planning begins with detailed research - getting to know your company, your product or service, and your target market. After careful marketing analysis, we will propose a media plan that includes demographic research, recommendations on media placement, an estimated media budget and expected results. How big can we go? We have experience successfully developing the promotions and launching a product into 1000´s of markets simultaneously.


The mediums we utilize to communicate your message will depend on the findings in the media plan. We have extensive experience buying and placing all media to include print, radio, TV, outdoor, interactive, and direct marketing for local, regional, and national advertising campaigns. We can also coordinate telemarketing efforts for direct response advertising campaigns.


C.M.M. boasts extensive experience developing marketing campaigns that incorporate high-profile entertainers like sports figures and musicians and celebrities. Using the media plan we developed for you, we look for relevant cross-promotional opportunities to leverage star-status with your product or service.


Music and Media marketing is only a part of our promotional capabilities. Not all products or services fit well with only one type of promotion. Some are better suited with Hollywood celebrities or popular musicians. We have close contacts in these industries and use them to find the most strategic endorsement, as it pertains to your product or service. We have helped create concert events and booked special appearances, in order to develop cross-promotional opportunities for our clients - all with great success!


C.M.M. media consultants have a passion for creating unique promotional ideas to get products and services out in front of target markets, using non-traditional advertising methods. We also develop Web-based marketing campaigns to drive traffic to mini-sites through broadcast mediums, which can launch products on a national scale.

We´ve developed everything from entertaining board games, successful corporate parties, and exciting contests that drive traffic to store locations, web site domains and email addresses. The strategists at C.M.M. think beyond traditional mediums to find the most strategic and cost-effective ways for our clients to turn prospects into paying customers.


We invite you to email us at info@canmm.com  or give us a call on (647) 933 4266 (4CMM) and take advantage of our agency discounts and long standing relationships with publishers.




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