Advantages of an Executive Coach




"In any game, a player who wants to make it big looks for a good coach to guide,  cajole, counsel,  encourage, teach, mentor, and explore the possibilities." J.E. Walker





"People who use a career coach find jobs 75% to 95% faster than those who don´t."   Recent Lee Hecht Harrison Study






Many of us spend serious money on personal trainers, golf lessons, tennis lessons, ski lessons and more.  Why?  Simply, we want to improve.  But none of those activities will help us become more satisfied with our job, earn more money, perform better in our current assignment or land a better job. A rewarding successful career makes it possible for you and your family to truly enjoy a better lifestyle, better friendships and better relationships. The right career gives you the freedom to grow, to be creative, to show the world what you really can offer and be recognized for those contributions. Engaging a professional career management service is arguably the most important investment you can make in yourself, because the career you choose affects your financial limitations, your time, your personal goals and your mental health (stress levels).


In the spirit of balance....first let me explain when you don´t need a coach.



You don´t need a career coach when.....



If Currently Employed:


1.            You are perfectly comfortable navigating the political mine fields in    your current assignment.

2.            You have someone you totally trust to bounce sensitive ideas off of.

3.            You are totally satisfied with your career progress.



If Currently In a Job Search:



  • Everyone loves your resume.
  • You are totally comfortable networking and ...
  • You have a great network.
  • You know exactly how to present yourself in interviews.
  • Everyone you contact can´t wait to talk to you.
  • You have too many opportunities to pursue them all.
  • Your confidence never wavers.
  • You know you can negotiate a great offer.



Some Reasons You Might Need A Coach




1.  It is cost effective.


Think about it...if you were to land a new job even just one week sooner,with the help of your C.M.M. coach, then you have more than covered your nominal initial investment (which is fully refundable once you get the career of your choice. 99% of the time we get paid by the company that hires you, much like a recruitment agency. That encourages us to work harder for you, as long as you are comitted to working hard for yourself with our guidance. In addition, because of C.M.M.´s salary negotiation expertise and legal background in employment contract law, in most cases you will be able to improve your initially offered compensation package. This further leverages your financial benefit.


And, one more time, as noted earlier:


"People who use a career coach find jobs 75% to 95% faster  than those who don´t."  [Recent Lee Hecht Harrison Study]



                      2.   A Coach provides immediate expertise.


              This is a good news, bad news scenario.  The good news is many of our clients have never had to spend much time focusing on a job search because, frankly in the past, their personal networks always seemed to pay off. 


The bad news arrives when past networks have stopped working or have dried up and they find themselves with almost no real world job-hunting experience to draw upon.  So now the coach becomes a critical resource for what works and what doesn´t in a highly competitive, stressed job market.


               3.   A Coach will improve the self-assessment phase


One of the most critical steps in the process is the self-assessment phase.  There are several tools we will be using, including indepth Personal Profile tests, Behavioural and Psychological tests ( the kind used by companies for 2nd  + 3rd interviews), and the 5 Year Vision Plan, to get at your passions, strengths, weaknesses and long term career goals. 


We act a bit like a typical Venture Capitalists- testing the solidity of your strategy and planning your best moves in an uncertain time. With over 80% of executive positions not being advertised to the public (Yes, we do have this knowledge) C.M.M. works with you to make sure your strategy and tactics are strong enough to get you through all the speed bumps of a career search.



                   4.  You need a candid, unbiased sounding board


You will find this to be one of the most important benefits of a CoachWhile clients bring a wealth of practical business knowledge to the job search process, they often struggle with keeping their objectivity when approaching an important networking meeting, interview or compensation discussion. 


One of the qualities that separates C.M.M. coaches from most coaches is that we all have been on the other side of the desk, VP´s and SVP´s of major companies. That experience is vital when it comes to understanding the needs of C-level executives, professionals and business owners. Particularly when it comes to hiring decisions and the compensation package.



     5.  You need someone who can objectively evaluate the effectiveness of your search.


I will measure the effectiveness of your search "by the numbers."  Sound familiar?  I use The Five O´Clock Club´s three stages methodology.  You will here us constantly asking: "How many Stage 1 contacts do you have?  How many Stage 2?  And how many Stage 3?"  


Briefly, the system of using "stages" is getting you to focus on talking to enough of the right people, at the right level and at the right companies in order to have a timely conclusion to your search.  It is very similar to managing a sales pipeline.


Our role here is to give you practical ideas on how to get the right numbers in each stage. In other words, having a great pipeline.




   6. You need someone who will pick you up when you are down. 


Finding a new job is like riding a roller coaster.  You will have incredible highs but you will also have those gut wrenching dips. 


An experienced C.M.M. Coach is sensitive to this dynamic and will be there with practical advice.  The advice may range from "stop your search!" (temporarily) and go have some fun, to take a long walk, smell the roses, visit a museum, spend time with loved ones to spend a few hours studying the answers to these interview questions.


Your C.M.M. Coach will constantly remind you of your strengths and if warranted buck you up... "you are twice as good as you are giving yourself credit for and here is why!!." 


Your C.M.M. Coach will also give you "tough love," when necessary, including the directive, "stop surfing the web and get on the phone!"



Here is what a few of our clients have said about using C.M.M. as an Career Advisor. 


"You were the greatest tool for me.  You kept me focused, provided a sounding board for strategy and tactics, and I no longer felt isolated."  Communications Executive


"You were my ‘working world´s´ therapist and I liked the fact you could warn me of the stumbling blocks and speed bumps I might encounter during my search."  Bay Street Vice President


  "I got more value in two hours than weeks at a major outplacement   firm."                                             Chief Information Officer


"Invaluable.  Wish I had started earlier in my career with a coach to help me with the political aspects of my job as well as my job search."

                                                  Chief Marketing Officer


"Working with Nicholas, my resume became clearer, more articulate     and in 4 weeks, landed the executive position that I was seeking."

                                                   Director of Global Marketing


"You have the capacity to help people think clearly and focus on effective strategies and your upbeat attitude was invaluable."
                                                                 VP Sales



7.  Severance and Salary Negotiation Support.


C.M.M. has been helping clients in these two critical areas for over 12 years with significant success.



8.  Getting off on the right foot in your new job


Most job failure is a result of not having done the right things in the first 100 days.  We can help you develop an effective game plan and dramatically increase your chances of success.


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