About C.M.M.



Canadian Media & Marketing Inc. is one of  Ontario´s leading providers of outplacement services and career management programs for individual and corporate clients.


Our outreach and resources cover all of Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K. and to a certain extent, the world.  In today´s severe economic times, even the most successful people come to see us for one on one help to find the positions they really desire.



We specialize in career coaching and work with clients from a wide range of professional and management backgrounds.

Often they are:


  • Looking to move quickly into a new role following redundancy 
  • Seeking a promotion or career development 
  • At a career crossroads or considering a career change


With first hand experience gained from working with top men and women, our staff has a combined experience of over 50 years in the business and are recognized by professional associations to be amongst the best in their field.  Together we help you to make important and highly rewarding career moves. We have helped people to advance their careers and to secure their futures at usually challenging, often difficult and always important crossroads in their careers, right up to and even after retirement.


For those facing uncertainty and insecurity at this critical juncture in the Canadian and World economy, rest assured that we have helped thousands of people take full advantage of their abilities and redesigned their futures to ‘capitalize on recession´ and changing times. We help people get a new start in life, tranfer industries,  change fields and even embark on new careers; sometimes due to  better and more challenging opportunities; sometimes out of necessity.


C.M.M. is a long established and known company in the industry, exclusively specializing in people who have demonstrated success at the mid, senior executive and C-level management tier, as well as business owners and trained professionals. People come to us to capitalize on the best of their life experience and to move into productive and challenging roles, where they can maximize their abilities for the companies they work for, their industry or profession and often for the betterment of the world in which we all live.


We look forward to getting to know you and to discussing all the important needs, goals and desires that you are hoping to achieve.

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