20 Highly Effective Habits


Canadian Media & Marketing Inc. is the foremost career management consultancy in Ontario for select clientele.

There are several reasons for this, namely:

We do not charge our clients thousands of dollars to initialize service. We charge much like a recruitment firm-upon your acceptance of a position of your choice and 99% of the time that cost is picked up by the company that hires you.

One of the keys to our success is instilling in the selected candidate the following key traits:  

20 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers in a Down Market

C.M.M. wants you to trust in their methodology- it has always proven effective over the past 12 years and will work for you too, in fact we guarantee our work 100%. 

Even in a down market, job seekers and employees are not powerless or without recourse. In fact, you have more control over your career circumstances than you might think. C.M.M. has developed 20 specific strategies and tactics that consistently generate powerful results for job seekers, even when it seems that "no one´s hiring."

1. We will make you Network, network, network. Showing you the best techniques, providing you with the latest technology and insider confidential information. By continually increasing your level of networking and expanding your contact database, you can reach out to re-establish and nourish business and personal relationships. C.M.M always offers to help others, even if they´re not in a position to engage our services (because what goes around comes around). There is no substitute for connecting with people one-on-one. Stay connected and don´t isolate yourself. Being out of work does not mean you have to be out of touch, so we will work with you to build and maintain your networking momentum.

2. Seek help. Get career support from a qualified professional. It´s absolutely mandatory in today´s world. At C.M.M. our qualified career coaches can better prepare you to land your next position and make you look superior to other candidates in the mind of an employer, but only one with a strong legal background can help you negotiate your next employment contract.  If you´re thinking of changing industries, get some career testing. If you´re struggling emotionally, we provide stress and crisis management. A clear strong mind is essential. 

3. Read the C.M.M. Career Manual and attend C.M.M.´s Free Career Seminars. Take advantage of these learning opportunities to improve your job search and career management skills. C.M.M. will help keep you informed of business trends that will help you gain greater knowledge of the industries and careers that are poised for future growth. When you are plugged into the hidden, unadvertised job market (where 80% of the senior positions are to be found), you will clearly see beyond your currently limited job search into fields and positions more challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding. C.M.M. ensures that you will be focused, strong and realize your full  intellectual capital. Apply what you learn from us, and you will be guaranteed to generate stronger search results.


4. Leverage technology. C.M.M. allows you to use tools which if you bought separately would cost in excess of $25,000. And you can use the tools at NO CHARGE 24/7. We wil show you how to utilize web sites and online services to connect with your industry and to build greater visibility. How to create and make the most of a a career web site. C.M.M. will teach you how best to reach out through social networking sites, such as Facebook (www.facebook.com), MySpace (www.myspace.com), and Twitter (www.twitter.com). You will learn how to keep in touch with colleagues consistently via e-mail. In addition to leveraging career portals and job boards, you will have access to the very top online tools like blogs, wikis, and virtual job fairs. All of this technology is focused on optimizing your online identity.

5. C.M.M. will show you how to differentiate yourself. We can position you as an expert. We can show you how to get involved in professional organizations, and assume leadership roles there. How to becoame more active in your community to garner special recognition and build your positive reputation. C.M.M. focuses on what makes you special and UNIQUE, and builds your brand within and outside your industry.

6. C.M.M. ensures you use your time wisely. We pro=actively pursue professional development by having you participate in classes, seminars, certifications, and industry conferences. Take advantage of our free and low-cost programs to enhance your credentials. Explore more of your world to generate new ideas from career counsellors known to be at the top of their field with published works. We also show you how to do the important things that you never had time to do when you were working full-time. Enjoy the feeling of still being productive and making a contribution.


7. If you feel you would like to pursue a temporary, part-time, or contract position, in the meantime then C.M.M. can certainly advise you as to what is available and most suitable given your interets and transferrable skills. Volunteer work,  pro bono work,  consulting contracts, or complete an internship or apprenticeship, whatever you fancy. This tactic is especially useful for those who wish to pursue a career in a different industry. Keep yourself in the game, so you won´t lose traction in your career growth.

8. Act with speed and urgency. One way for you to get an edge over other candidates is to demonstrate that you´re more serious and more determined than the competition. C.M.M. quickly engrains in you certain methodologies that will give you the winning edge over other candidates. Move quickly and efficiently. Make an impression by being more responsive and assertive than the others.

9. Take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, get plenty of rest. You´ll need to be healthy and vital to maintain the pace of an active job search campaign. Stay in close touch with friends and family. Keep-up with your interests, hobbies, and activities. Follow your normal routines, even as you work hard on getting the job you want. Maintain balance in your life, and don´t let the job search become all-consuming.

10. Be flexible and adaptable. Consider shifting industries and/or being geographically mobile to open-up more career possibilities, even if you would not ordinarily choose these options. C.M.M. is there to help you find the perfect opportunity, that may or may not be what you have done in the past. Perhaps, you can offer your skills to other industries and lend your experience to different positions. C.M.M. holds your hand and shows you what you need to do (within reason) to keep your career dreams intact and earn a great living. Our commitment to you is for life- once you are a C.M.M. client, we  NEVER lose sight of your career direction and long-term career goals!

11. C.M.M. specializes in improving and enhancing all of the documents in your career portfolio. Now is the time to expand your career portfolio far beyond just the resume. You´ll need our advice and guidance in several areas including- a one-page professional biography, a collection of powerful accomplishment stories, a series of compelling cover letters, a page of professional references, a list of targeted employers, a 30-second commercial (elevator speech), and many other bespoke materials, all specifically formulated to give you that winning competitive edge over other candidates. You can rest assured that C.M.M. will craft a unified, tailored package, that will consistently convey the highest professional image of yourself.

12. C.M.M.´s forte is its ability to identify industries that will emerge stronger when the market improves. We are in daily contact with trendsetters, nationally and internationally, and YES we know exactly what the future holds when it comes to emerging opportunities and niches that will offer you career growth. C.M.M. will position your to take advantage of these trends. (Healthcare, Education, and Security Green Technology, Venture Capitals, etc. are some fields that are expected to continue expanding). If your field has collapsed, be sure to communicate your transferable strengths and the tangible value you offer, rather than focusing on the trade skills from your old industry. Adapt to the realities of the changing work world, rather than holding onto your old career identity out of fear, resentment, or even nostalgia.

13. C.M.M. makes you practice interviewing and negotiation skills at the highest level. Our counsellors have taught negotiation to some of the top business schools and CEO´s in the country. You will learn what they know and it is very, very powerful in increasing financial benefits to your contract. We know all the tricks employers use to low ball you- and how to counter them effortlessly and without any defensive or uncomfortable feelings. C.M.M. practices  interviewing and negotiation skills daily and passes on that knowledge to you. Given that the employment market is in crisis, it´s that much more important to polish and perfect these skills. With C.M.M. you will be role-playing on video, and we switch roles as needed with the questions and answers. We have one of the top speech pathologists in Toronto, as a colleague, to provide assistance and confidence with vocal and speech improvement.  Remember your voice and how it projects says a great deal about you and the company image you will be expected to represent.

14. Being patient doesn´t work- Persistence does- but you need to know where to look (i.e. in the hidden job market), otherwise you are wasting your time...and money. When the job market is bad, employers will prolong the hiring process, and your search is bound to take longer than usual. There is not much a candidate can do on their own to speed things up. However, with C.M.M.´s networking and capabilities we significantly speed up the process. This does not mean you can sit by the phone waiting for the employer to contact you, far from it! You´ll want to pursue many of the hidden opportunities that await you using proven C.M.M. strategies.

15. C.M.M. focuses on tangible results and practical solutions. In a healthy job market, candidates can market themselves with their employment history, education, and related assets. But when no one´s hiring in the visible marketplace, there needs to be  a relentless focus on tangible, positive results. The primary question in the employer´s mind will be, "What can you do for me - now?" This means that you need to zero in quickly and identify the employer´s most pressing needs and challenges - and then explain exactly how your relevant accomplishments will allow you to successfully address those issues in the short term. C.M.M.´s professional career counsellors know exactly what the employers are looking for and how to position yourself in front of them.

16. Work from a budget. Instead of going into a panic or worrying that you´ll lose everything you´ve worked for, C.M.M. will conduct a detailed analysis of your financial situation and help you develop a family budget (if requested). All C.M.M. Career Counsellors hold at least an M.B.A. in business from an accredited traditional university. You may discover that you´re in a better financial position than you had thought. We can show you how to manage your finances and providing some peace of mind, during your time off work.

17. Be kind to yourself. Your experience of being out of work or looking for a new job will be determined by how you look at it. You have a choice. You can beat yourself up, feel like a loser, and be riddled with guilt and shame. Or, you can look at your situation in a more positive way and get professional guidance from experienced senior level counsellors. Realize that you are not to blame for the economic meltdown or the high unemployment numbers. You didn´t do anything wrong, and you´re still a highly qualified professional. There is no longer the same stigma there used to be about being unemployed, as almost every family in Canada will be touched by layoffs and downsizings. Forgive yourself, forgive your ex-employer, and forgive the world. Move on toward a better career future and let C.M.M. open truly great opportunities for you.

18. C.M.M. knows the importance of image. Pay extra attention to your personal image. First impressions count. We will show you how to make a deliberate, powerful and consistent effort to present yourself in the best light. We enhance and advise on your attributes in many areas: including hairstyle, eyeglasses, makeup, hands, clothes, shoes, accessories, posture, smile?" Now is the ideal time to take stock of your appearance, and make whatever changes you feel could improve your job search results.

19. Check your attitude. Job search is really an inside game, that´s something you really need to know. Only recruitment agencies know what is going on and even that is limited to their own personal clients ( between 3-30 on average). You would have to go to over 4000 recruitment agencies to get all the insider information on the hidden jobs, OR you can come to us and we can introduce you to all 4000+ recruitment firms within 3 business days. It´s really a no- brainer and that simple...imagine how long it took you to prepare for even one recruitment firm. The outcome of your search will have much more to do with how you think about it than with the external circumstances of the job market. Avoid the gloom and doom messages disseminated by the media, and stay away from any negative people in your life who bring you down. Maintain a positive attitude, and never state anything negative or act desperate. Spend some time each day focusing in and recalibrating your internal attitude. Even if you´re out of a job, you probably have many other wonderful things in your life, so remember to be grateful.

20. Be philosophical. Think of the old saying, "Things happen for a reason." It usually turns out to be true. C.M.M. will show you the big-picture view of your recent change in employment. If you´re like 99.9% of our clients, after a time you may come to see this transition as a blessing in disguise. Almost all our candidates go on to find careers that are better than the ones they had before. Others take the opportunity to explore other careers, rediscover their professional passions, and make important life-changing decisions. While you certainly didn´t ask to be forced into a job search by the economic crisis, try to find the life lessons and new perspectives in this transition. Commit to yourself that and you will make this a rewarding and productive experience.

Conducting a successful job search campaign takes energy, discipline, and professional career support. it is extremely difficult to face the challenge on your own, particularly if you have not been unemployed before or are not in immersed with the latest technology or issues on a daily basis. Having an unbiased, highly reputable Career Agent to advise you, counsel you and make sure you are highly competitive is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.

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