Ag.P.S.M. Inc.´s - NEW Ag Sales Product a Winning Success!

Canadian Media & Marketing Inc., in co-ordination with AgPSM, has developed a NEW product designed specifically to increase Ag sales for Ontario Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors.

Nicholas Braganza, C.E.O. of Canadian Media & Marketing Inc. announced yesterday that "we have researched and developed this product over the last 18 months and it is selling far better than expected"...." skeptics have become believers and are almost immediately getting value for their investment".

Braganza added "there´s now a much more effective way for Ag companies to reach each and every farmer in Ontario, that´s over 54,000 farmers and you just can´t ask for more than that"..."due to recent advances in I.T. the ability to increase sales dramatically and enhance your PR with each farmer is now possible."

"C.M.M. is on the cutting edge of Ag Sales technology"... "at this stage no other Ag marketing company can come close, to how effective our methodology is in increasing sales for Ag companies. They are at least 18 months behind us"




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