The Value provided by a C.M.M. Professional Career Consultant:


Why do hundreds of people every year receive professional career management advice from C.M.M.? Moving your career ahead, personally, professionally and financially is the safest, shortest and highest returning investment you can make in today´s world. WE have helped thousands of intelligent, ambitious professionals reach their career goals over the last 14 years.


Austin Kiplinger, publisher of Kiplinger Magazine, once addressed the importance of a career investment and summed it up as, "Look at your career as ‘your primary investment´. Keep your earning power at its highest level. "The money you spend doing so will return more than all other investments you are liable to make. You are your own best investment!"




Shockingly, over 80% of Executive and Senior Management positions are not advertised to the public. The chances are very high that this is where your next career move should be and an experienced C.M.M. career consultant can guide you directly to this "hidden" market. You´ve worked hard, you have excelled in your field and you deserve a full and rewarding career on all levels!





There are tremendous financial benefits in using a C.M.M. career consultant- let´s take a look at what you can gain at a MINIMUM level, using a $100K starting salary*:



             1. Increase your immediate earnings                                  $10,000   

                 Typically from 10% to 50% p.a. and often, a great deal more.



 2. Increase your long term earnings and retirement savings                      $200,000 

    Even a modest 20% increase at $100K over ten years adds up.                    


 3. Get professional help with compensation package negotiations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             $36,000 

 The Wall Street Journal stated that as much as 36% of the total  compensation package is left on the table.   


 4. Signing bonuses                                                                  $10,000   

    Hiring bonuses are possible at all income levels and typically range from 10% -25% of starting base                                                                                                        

             5. Reduce your cost of unemployment time


Saving just two/three months of lost income is a crucial matter for many people and senior executives have to consider their monthly expenses. Lessening the time it takes to move into your new position, even by one month  saves you approximately:                                                                                                                                              $4000                                           

THE MINIMUM TOTAL VALUE FROM JUST ONE MOVE                                  $ 260,000


* Amounts double at $200, triple at $300K. For many people, the right career move can increase lifetime earnings by several million dollars. This financial security is in addition to job satisfaction, creativity, prestige, good relationships and personal freedom. 


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